Hong Kong Housing 

Healthy housing is shelter that supports a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Healthy housing provides a feeling of home, including a sense of belonging, security and privacy.

Healthy housing also refers to
the physical structure of the dwelling, and the extent to which it enables physical health, including by being structurally sound, by providing shelter from the elements and from excess moisture, and by facilitating comfortable temperatures, adequate sanitation and illumination, sufficient space, safe fuel or connection to electricity, and protection from pollutants, injury hazards, mould and pests.

Whether housing is healthy also depends on factors outside its walls. It depends on the local community, which enables social interactions that support health and well-being. Finally, healthy housing relies on the immediate housing environment, and the extent to which this provides access to services, green space, and active and public transport options, as well as protection from waste, pollution and the effects of disaster, whether natural or man-made.                                                                       

( WHO Housing and health guidelines )