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Peter Berko was born in Czechoslovakia, (now days Slovakia) where he developed a passion for photography and the arts at an early age. They later pursued formal education in this field and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Photography and New Media from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, followed by a Master of Arts in Visual Media from the same institution.

Throughout his career as a photographer, Peter Berko has explored various forms of photography, believing that the technical image of the modern age can be transformed into valuable and aesthetic pieces of art using any kind of camera or medium. He specialize in product and fashion, portrait, and event photography, and are skilled in both studio and outdoor settings for small, medium, and large formats.

Peter’s work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions, including the MFA Thesis Exhibition 2011 at Dom umenia in Bratislava, Slovakia, The Munich House of Artists in Munich, Germany, and Prague Photo in both 2010 and 2011, held at The Manes Exhibition Hall in Prague and the Leica Gallery in Prague, respectively.

Peter Berko Portrait. Artist statement.

彼得·貝爾科(Peter Berko)出生於捷克斯洛伐克(現斯洛伐克),他很早便對攝影和藝術產生了熱情。後來他在這一領域進行了正式的教育,並從布拉迪斯拉發的美術學院獲得了攝影和新媒體學士學位,之後又在同一院校獲得了視覺媒體碩士學位。作為攝影師,在整個職業生涯中,彼得·貝爾科探索了各種攝影形式,他相信,現代時代的技術影像可以通過任何類型的相機或媒介轉化為有價值和美學的藝術品。他專注於產品和時尚攝影、人像攝影和活動攝影,並擅長於小型、中型和大型攝影棚以及室外拍攝設置。彼得的作品在多個展覽中展出,包括2011年在斯洛伐克布拉迪斯拉發藝術中心的MFA論文展,德國慕尼黑藝術家之家以及布拉格攝影展,分別在2010年和2011年舉行,分別在布拉格的Manes展覽館和萊卡畫廊展出。

Short interview about P.B. in Hong Kong @: lomography.com

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